Project Left Bench EMERGENCY Podcast AVAILABLE NOW – 2018 NBA Finals, Game 1 Edition

By: Oscar Rzodkiewicz, @ORzodkiewicz on Twitter

A brand new podcast is available now at or below!

2018 NBA Finals, Game 1 Edition

Listen during your morning breakfast, on your way to work, during your afternoon breakfast, or, hell, just sitting on your couch!


0:55 – Cavs/LeBron James’ OT downfall
3:20 – Fair overturned charge call
4:43 – Tyronn Lue chooses not to call timeout
6:23 – JR Smith’s mistake, but a lack of management by Lue?
11:27 – James’ understandable frustration
12:12 – The Cavs’ ironically impressive end of regulation
13:52 – Emotion ending scuffle simply that
16:39 – What do the Cavs take from this?
19:25 – Cavs should keep hope
20:32 – James’ mindset needs to stay steady to win
22:47 – Kevin Love’s contributions were important
25:20 – Warriors still hold the keys to the car

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