Jemele Hill Suspended for Tweet Calling for a Boycott of Jerry Jones’ Sponsors

By: Oscar Rzodkiewicz

ESPN again put its foot down on Jemele Hill’s social agenda when the sports media powerhouse suspended Hill for two weeks after she sent out a tweet Monday night regarding a boycott of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ sponsors according to @ESPNPR on Twitter.

Hill called for push against Jones’ sponsors, saying, “[c]hange happens when advertisers are impacted. If you feel strongly about [Jones’] statement, boycott his advertisers.”

Hill’s tweets came after Jones said Sunday, “if we are disrespecting the flag, we will not play,” insinuating a benching of players that choose to kneel during the national anthem.

ESPN released a statement earlier today on the matter:

Hill was previously reprimanded for comments about President Donald Trump, calling him a “white supremacist.”

Hill has not yet released a statement since the suspension.

Many reporters, like TNT’s David Aldridge and The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, jumped to Hill’s side in her initial run-in with ESPN’s social media policy. Thompson tweeted on September 13, “I’m ridin’ with you, @jemelehill”, while Aldridge changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of Hill for multiple weeks.

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